3 Easy Party Hair Ideas

Summer has barely begun but the heat wave is already hitting us unapologetically and persistently. While this might not sound so terrible for all the swimming pool and sea lovers, ladies who need to attend formal functions or want to look especially ravishing for an upcoming party might not be too thrilled about fixing their hair for the occasion. The efforts tend to take significant time and energy which, these days, might be scarce, and the mere idea of adding additional heat seems nightmarish.

But don’t worry! This is exactly why we have prepared this list of easy to make hairdo ideas which will leave you looking glamorous and ready to party in no time. All of them require no heat whatsoever; are suitable for various hair lengths, shapes and textures; leave the back of your neck bare so you can easily cool off; and can be created in a matter of mere minutes!

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Chignon bun

For a slightly more elegant look, we’d recommend starting with a side parting and leaving out a small front section free which will frame your face. This is one of those custom-tailored steps in which you get to cater to your own preferences and create your unique look by making this section as thick as you want or including it in your bun completely.

From there, you gather all the remaining hair into a low ponytail at the top of your neck and tie it into a messy bun by pulling the hair halfway through a strong elastic. Secure the ends with hair clips and then lightly tug at the tied strands to add more volume to your bun. It’s as quick and simple as that!

How to personalize?
You can adapt this basic shape to match your hair type and preferences. Add clips and pins, tease the crown of your head, do it on straight or curly hair, play around with the parting or the size of the front section to change how it sits around your face – all of it will provide a subtle but noticeable difference to your final look.

Twisted updo

This one is better suited for mid- to long hair since it allows for more twists and prevents the strands from falling out of shape. Additionally, for better volume, pre-curl your hair if you have the time or slightly tease it at the crown.

Once ready, you start by making a middle parting and taking a rectangular strand from the side top of your head or the template. Next, you divide it into two pieces which you then twist around each other twice. From there, you start adding hair into the bottom section and repeating the twist until you reach the bottom of your ear. Once you’ve reached that length, you just twist the two strands around each other, without adding any more, and pull it to the back of your head and secure it there for later use. After repeating the same process on the other side, you tie the two twisted ropes of strands together at the back center.

From there, you take the rest of your loose hair and pull it up into a bun, securing it in place with a tight elastic.

How to personalize?
The beauty of this look is that you can make it as messy or neat as you like. For more volume, gently tug at your twists to make them bigger and looser and avoid tightly pinning all the hair ends in your bun. Adding a shiny pin or a bow is another way to completely own your look.

Crossed bun updo

To start creating this hairdo, you first separate the crown section of your hair. Then you tease it, slightly smooth it out with your fingers and secure it in place using bobby pins. When you do this, make sure you bump it subtly up to add more volume.

Next, take one of the large side sections you’ve left loose, drape it just underneath the bump and pin it some 5cm away from the crown pin, on the opposite side then the one you’ve taken the strand from. Then repeat the process on the other side so that the strands form a cross right under the crown bump, underlying it.

Now, divide the remaining loose hair into two pieces and braid each of them individually. Then, take one of the braids and drape it right underneath the bump and your pinned front strands. Depending on your hair length, you might have some remaining braided ends. If so, coil them into a bun shape and pin at the center, right where you’ve just pinned the main part of the braid. Next, you repeat the process on the other side, pinning the other braid in a way to cover any potential “holes” in the structure and neatly tucking any ends within the bun to hide them.

And that’s it! Now you just need to secure the whole structure with bobby pins and hair spray to make sure it stays in place.

How to personalize?
Depending on how neat you want your style to look, make the braids of the bun anywhere between tight or loose. Additionally, you can also braid the two front sections that are going to criss-cross underneath your crown bun. Also, depending on the occasion, you can add hair decorations or glittery spray to top the look off.

While these suggestions look wonderful as they are, feel free to play around with them as much as you’d like and explore different variations. However, if you’d rather enjoy the professional touch, there is no better hairdresser in Goatstown than Gerard Paul’s playful but expert team. Email us at [email protected] or call us on 012963929 and book your appointment today. Then your only job will be to enjoy your party and numerous compliments about your hairstyle you are sure to get.