Let’s face it – no matter how you wear and style it, hair is every woman’s natural everyday accessory. Long hair can not only be very classy and interesting but also a perfect playground to express your imagination and have fun creating your look.

Even if it’s just a quick and simple style, it levels-up your whole appearance and sets a different tone. So why wouldn’t you play around with it?

Whether you’re looking for a way to make just any day a bit more special or want to shine on a memorable occasion, try out these easy upstyles for long hair and forget that there was ever such a thing as a “bad hair day”.

Bun with a twist

First, prep your hair with some spray dry shampoo to add more volume and grip. That way you also avoid teasing your hair to create a similar effect, which is a much healthier and sustainable option for your hair. Next, smooth out the top and roughly divide your hair in three sections. They do not have to be entirely symmetrical or precisely the same size or clear-lined at all.

From that, take the back section and create a messy but tightly-tied knot and pull the hair loose at the crown to recreate that volume. Any unruly strands can be secured with pins, if needed.

Next, take a chunk of one of the front sections and divide it into two. Then, you twist it back and forth in a braid-like manner and make sure that each time you pull the front part back you take a little extra bit of the back part of the hair to secure it better, rotating away from your head. Once you reach your ear, twist each section anti-clockwise first and then clockwise around each other to create a sort of a two-part braid which you will then tie. Repeat the process on the other side.

After you have your two braids, the next step is to visually add more volume and lusciousness to them. The way we do that is by pulling the strands carefully out, which will make them thicker. Once you’re satisfied, take one of your braids and wrap it around the tie of your bun at the back of your head, starting above it and going downwards and around. The number of wraps will, of course, depend on the length of your hair, so once you’ve finished, tuck the end into your bun and secure it with pins. If you’d like to create even more volume, you can tug at the hair carefully and then add more pins to secure it all in place.

For the final touch, coat with hairspray to ensure your hair doesn’t move from its easy to make yet perfect shape.

Low rolled bun

This look is created in just a few minutes but is suitable for both casual wear and formal occasions, which explains why it’s one of the most popular ones.

Firstly, if straight, we recommend you add beach waves to your hair for added texture and volume by curling iron, but it’s not necessary. Then, lighty tease your hair using hair spray and/or wax and your fingers to increase volume.

From there, make a low ponytail at the top of the neck. Just above it, split the hair in half and then thread your ponytail completely through the opening to create an inverted ponytail. Next, wrap the loose ends around your finger and roll it into a bearcurl which you will then secure with bobby pins against your head right onto the same place. And that’s it!

To this basic shape you can add any variations you want and make the style uniquely yours. Let a few strands loose for a more playful look or tighten it closely and straight it out for a neater appearance. Feel free to play around and experiment.


Rope braid ponytail

This is another one of super-quick but elegant looks that you’re simply going to love. It adds volume and texture to your hair without taking away much of its length and it can be made in literally under a minute.

Like for most other hairstyles, if you’d like more volume, either add dry shampoo or toss your hair to give it that added boost. However, make sure you smooth your hair down at the crown of your head which is best done using fingers to avoid flattening it.

After you’ve done that, make a side part on the opposite side where you want your braid to be. Next, take a small rectangular part of your hair and split it in two parts. Then take the front section and pull it over to the back. After that, add more hair to the front section to make it thicker and then criss-cross over and to the back. Repeat the process down the length of your hair, moving it closer to the ear and slightly backwards, adding more hair to the front section each time it’s moved backwards.

Continue with this until you reach shoulder length. Then you will start taking bigger chunks of your hair from the opposite side and adding them to the front section and into the braid. The aim is to use all the hair by the time you reach your shoulders, so plan accordingly.

Once you’ve added all the hair, take both of your bottom sections and twist them on their own away from your face to basically get two ropes. Then, twist them together around each other to form the full braid, which you will then tie together. And there you have your rope braid ponytail!

For added volume, gently tug individual strands until you’re satisfied. Make sure to coat it all with a hairspray and include bobby pins if needed. Additionally, you can always roll the bottom section into a bun and secure it to your nape for a true upstyle.

These are just some basic ideas that you can apply both for everyday situations and special occasions, which are quick and simple to make and require very little skill. However, if you’d prefer a more sophisticated and professional hairstyle, contact us at Gerard Paul and enjoy services of one of the leading hairdressers in Kildare.